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一同驕傲 Pride


Texture: yarn, glass

Year: 2016

因為相信彩虹的象徵不只屬於LGBT社群,同時也屬於所有擁抱多元與自由、擁抱人存在的各種可能的人們。 線水杯「一同驕傲」款希望將跨越國界的彩虹旗結合於杯子上,流傳至每個人的手上,讓我們一起為應得的自由平等舉杯慶祝!

Since we believe that symbol of rainbow is not just for LGPT community, it also belong to everyone who embraces pluralism, freedom, and each possibility of people’s existence. Thread Cup “Pride” transforms rainbow flag into cup, and hopes it can pass down to everyone’s hand without any borders. Let’s toast together to freedom and equality we deserve.

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