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 Line x Life


Texture: yarn, paper

Year: 2017





[ 合作單位:拍拍文創 / 展出於 2017台灣設計展 ]

The exhibition explores the connection between people and pet through tangible transformation of thread. “絆” (Ban) originally means the rope utilized to tie animals in Mandarin. Now, an intangible meaning and abstract concept has been inserted in this authentic object in both Mandarin and Japanese.


By means of the demonstration of different shapes and colors of threads, as well as an installation of animals, the concept of everybody possessing unique personalities and attitudes towards life has been showed in the exhibition. We dedicated to find out in-depth “絆” (Ban) of individuals via this interactive design.

[ Cooperation with PAIPAI PETS' & DESIGN / Showcase in 2017 Taiwan Design Expo ]


Showing the concept of “home”, every animal presents different kind relationship between family members:



 A free bird with cheerful yellow flies through the skyline, just like a kid who pursuits independence and freedom.


A humble fish with colorful lines has a bright appearance but also has a attentive mind


A twisted cat with gloomy blue and stretching its body hides at a small corner in the house, showing a introverted side.


A passionate dog with vivid green has a impulsive personality, but also has a direct purity.

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