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成長於台南的傳統紗線行,我認為「紗線」不只是我們家庭的根,也是我自己的根,而紡織產業過去在台南也是非常重要的一項產業,而如今卻式微。「線加工 PUNNDLE」開始源自於一個同名作品「線加工 Thread Processing」,我想要利用紗線去創作更多的新東西,以及發掘更多不同線材質的可能性。





2019 個展「新花樣:纏花工藝跨領域布袋戲創作」

2018 Hello Alien:星球實驗空間創作聯展

2018 工藝揚星新秀創作展—Keep Young And Carry On

2017 個展「存放:纏花工藝跨領域創作」

2016 荷蘭設計週「Moi! Taiwan」

2016 台灣文博會「洞見新勢力」

2015 東京設計週 "100人展"

2015 台北當代藝術館「街大歡囍」

2014 台灣設計師週

2014 點心設計邀請展「見本」


Growing up in a traditional yarn shop in Tainan, I think "yarn" as a root of my family, and also root of myself, and textile industry is also an important part of Tainan in the past but declined now. "線加工 PUNNDLE" is originally a project called "Thread Processing," which I want to create something new with yarn, and explore more possibilities with different thread materials.


"PUNNDLE" is a word created from "bundle," which means to wrap things up. The meaning is similar to the Taiwanese word "繞(punn)," and it presents the motion of how I make my own works, also the style of studio brand.



2019 Solo Exhibition - "New Genres: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration

          Between Blessing Flower Craft & Puppet Theater"

2018 Hello Alien: Creative Exhibition by Planett

2018 Young Rising Stars' Craft Creations Exhibition -

          "Keep Young And Carry On"

2017 Solo Exhibition - 

         “Preserve & Play: Interdisciplinary Creation of Wrapping Flower” 

2016 Dutch Design Week "Moi Taiwan"


2015 Tokyo Design Week "100 Creators Exhibition"

2015 Community Art Festival “Street Fun, Fun Street” by MOCA Taipei

2015 Taiwan Designer's Week

2014 Dian Shin Design Exhibition "Fundamentals"



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