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手感 Grip



Texture: yarn, glass

Year: 2016




螺紋 / 表面凹凸讓手更容易抓握。

格紋 / 格紋中的凹陷形成手指觸壓面,握感更舒適。

星環 / 環狀的造型,不同人都能找到專屬的手握角度。

Thread Cup "Grip” is made with yarn used for textile industry, and delivers comfortable and stable feeling of gripping through different shapes. It combined with glass cup produced from Taiwan local factory, besides, yarn wrapped on cup can also provide heat insulation, and it’s washable with waterproof production.


"Grip” has 3 separate shape styles for different feeling of gripping.

*Screw / Screw shape provides curves and makes cup more stable to grip.

*Plaid / Plaid shape makes different touch point for fingers when gripping cup.

*Ring / Ring shape lets everyone can find their own way to grip cup by different angles.

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