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銀河 Galaxy



Texture: yarn, glass

Year: 2015

線水杯「 銀河」款透過紡織工業用的紗線,以斜射的紋路,創造出旋轉繞的意象,從中露出螢光色線條,如同在銀河中滑翔的一場流星雨。結合台灣在地廠商生產之玻璃杯,紗線的包覆為杯身添加隔熱效果,而防水處理的工序,也讓每一個線水杯皆能以清水沖洗。

Thread Cup "Galaxy" is made with yarn used for textile industry. It creates rotating image with twilled style, and fluorescent lines, which show up in the middle, just like meteor shower flying in the galaxy. It combined with glass cup produced from Taiwan local factory, besides, yarn wrapped on cup can also provide heat insulation, and it’s washable with waterproof production.

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