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New Resident No.1 "Welcome"


Texture: yarn, wood branches, 

Year: 2016

台南近年來有許多外地駐進的居民,工作、開業亦或生活,這也讓這個具有自我個性的城市展現了新的樣貌。321巷藝術聚落現有許多藝術家進駐,而由成大文創育成與研發中心主持的衛星 Satellite321現有插畫家進駐於此,也宛如這個舊式宿舍的新住民,為這個空間注入了新的表情與情緒。

此作品為321巷藝術聚落中衛星 Satellite321所設計,利用321藝術巷聚落這個擁有許多樹木的場域,隨處可見的材料 - 樹枝作為主體,纏上紗線作為新的樹皮,以插畫家的角度創造出夢幻的、想像的,不滅的,生根於此的新住民,並放置於玄關處,以溫暖的表情「迎接」每位到達的賓客。

"New Resident" series is a work for Taiwan Dutch Design Post(TDDP), which is a residency exchange program between Netherland and Taiwan, located in Satellite 321 in Tainan City, Taiwan. Satellite an old Japanese dorm in Tainan, hosting many Dutch designers, who came here for design project. 


This work consists of tree branches, which can be seen everywhere in this area. It’s wrapped by yarn with fake flowers & preserved flowers just like it would never die, continuing the life of this dorm. It’s a new resident here, but its body and soul are from here.

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